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  • Identifier com.rob311.sorrylowbattery
  • Added Date 23/11/2015 20:26
  • Updated Date 09/04/2023 04:54
  • Free package
  • 4.47/5 (3610 votes)

  • Repositoryrob311's beta repo
  • Author rob311
  • SectionTweaks
  • Version 1.6
  • Architecture iOS Rootless
  • Size 795.92 Kb
  • Installed-Size 1868
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, firmware (>= 7.0)
  • Compatibility iOS Rootless 7+


Do you have a hard time saying no to people that ask to borrow your phone? Now you can say, "Sorry, Low Battery." SorryLowBattery allows you to set a fake battery percentage from within the Settings.app. Then enable the toggle within settings or the convenient Flipswitch. SorryLowBattery fakes the statusbar Battery, Percentage sign and Lockscreen battery charging image. For ultimate sneakiness, you can hold down on the Flipswitch to present a low battery alert.

Version History

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  • Download SorryLowBattery version 1.609/04/2023 04:54
    Architecture iOS Rootless
    MD5 4bf0ee0f6560f12d03cbd9835776ca20
    SHA1 9ee56d7ef9edfa27a0ab5a1e678a8ae3bebd35a6
    SHA256 dca65a6e4cfc03643e5b6f9f7b2e99a561221e32325fb2218e6bbd925643eb50
  • Download SorryLowBattery version 1.609/04/2023 04:54
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 9ea150940700b80d7d90aef4db545417
    SHA1 b79dd9bb33d26744acbdd6a9c87eeef64436e1f5
    SHA256 e9df0cb6551c8ac4cd2d9d8d6861807db8c4a0604aff74e2501802b201599d3c
  • Download SorryLowBattery version 1.4.1-102/08/2016 04:32
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 e6d2d9e979657c8aadbd46734f11bba1
    SHA1 b1ec429bd558e8ec107135ab0397dc7b854c9c27
    SHA256 1d111327030f0fec1f2440575f6290d7ca4f4ae75c54da877697a9cad679361d
  • Download SorryLowBattery version 1.3.1-31+debug31/07/2016 05:02
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 b4a6c028f23da7aa2f48fd7b4def1ca3
    SHA1 6dad64efac41d93f6f6deb978a9b81219f721c0a
    SHA256 f21c0626d6cfb1e45ddb10ec5afc9b4cf84b9786a15156bab4718efbe2d11f31
  • Download SorryLowBattery version 1.3.0-8+debug26/03/2016 17:32
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 7c599a7eb8fc683a91494bbe656676d4
    SHA1 a25507c86ba2d72a9f38295e616fa2358e4d2491
    SHA256 50d614b8c9c3ab9eb898b39dcaa6389576e06748739a04b12495c7a36ced385d
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