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  • Identifier com.boococky.ipwn
  • Added Date 07/10/2020 07:30
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryStarwarsfan2099's Repo
  • Author Boo
  • SectionTools
  • Version 2.3c-1
  • Size 3.00 Mb
  • Depends python, pirniderv, dsniff, php, lighttpd, net.limneos.sbstogglelighttpd


Own the network with iPwN. SMS bombing, Password sniffing, and many other neat tricks. *NOTE* In order to be able to use the sms bomber, you must install a set of python modules. Please run "ipwn-install" before using ipwn for the first time.

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  • Download iPwN version 2.3c-107/10/2020 07:30
    MD5 40d58a062e5f9551ece2427b72365047
    SHA1 8e4792076f52eadc66a6cfa8e122a1aee08f5593
    SHA256 ef89367c396ed0a62c1c20326a77f72446cfefecdf41323bc94ed8c7559fc61a

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