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iPhone Automated Hacking Tools iPhone Automated Hacking Tools (iAHT) provides a unified front end for many of the iPhone's hacking tools. iAHT has a fully plugable interface, allowing other devs to add it it. Just edit you item to accept a few flags and put it in /var/mobile/pentest/exploits/iAHT/scripts and it will appear as a possible menu option. iAHT automates tht many steps in an attack, and also has a very reponsive author, despite the iregualer updates. iAHT has a ton more feature however they have gone largely undocuments.

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  • Download iAHT version 1.5.0-107/10/2020 07:30
    MD5 89cc139e332eaef3b7e7c3fd1d418737
    SHA1 cf8a437aa132d2bd24d1809e86439ae06a07a451
    SHA256 0db0e11c023137d109cfccd8c57fa2e1408d6a7017a15ae8b1c7c8ad55fbf6e3

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