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  • Identifier pirniderv
  • Added Date 07/10/2020 07:30
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  • RepositoryStarwarsfan2099's Repo
  • Author Axel Holm (Pirni) and Derv Creator
  • SectionTools
  • Version 1.0-1
  • Size 21.70 Kb
  • Replaces com.axeldoesstockholm.pirni


Arp spoofing and packet analyzing Derv is desinged to anaylze packets. This is the open source program designed to anaylize packets while using Pirni. Command manual installed to /pentest/manuals/Derv Pirni and Derv included.

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  • Download Pirni and Derv version 1.0-107/10/2020 07:30
    MD5 f3aeb953c84340f61d5b4debffe0db11
    SHA1 d1fceb24d0769c4f8f7945797d87cde24193f812
    SHA256 73da0c0afc715125c68adb965e39f35a851fb2376bb32783c07bc1b03c8e5507

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