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Search and download exploit scripts from exploit-db.com In order to use this powerful tool. You need to register for a *free* account at shodanhq.com and you will recieve an API key which can be viewed at http://www.shodanhq.com/api_doc. After you recieve your API key, run install-sp and enter your API key. Command for serachsploit is "searchsploit" followed by string to search for. (example:"searchsploit windows")

Version History

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  • Download Searchsploit version 0.2-207/10/2020 07:30
    MD5 b4ca92241c30b53fda7c4ec352f1557c
    SHA1 4703b0f96e34a765073a45d69b8258cf2a2f610a
    SHA256 2118701f8585b903728d5b4899da7425ad53f798f834056d80c6e090dccf94b8

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