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  • Identifier com.thireus.thireusrecommendedtools
  • Added Date 23/11/2015 20:02
  • Updated Date 30/09/2022 00:40
  • Free package
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  • RepositoryThireus Repository
  • Author Thireus
  • SectionSystem
  • Version 1.9.0
  • Size 1.26 Kb
  • Installed-Size 0
  • Pre-Depends dpkg (>= 1.14.25-8)
  • Depends adv-cmds, curl, wget, zip, p7zip, unzip, unrar, top, system-cmds, shell-cmds, sed, openssl, network-cmds, nano, lsof, less, iokittools, inetutils, gzip, grep, git, file-cmds, file, diskdev-cmds, basic-cmds, com.thireus.stunnel, screen, gnupg, gnupg2, syslogcmdline, com.conradkramer.open, com.thireus.secure-delete
  • Priority standard


Recommended Hacker Tools All advanced tools you might need if you want to go a little further with your JailBroken iDevice. . This package does not have any included applications. All recommended applications are dependencies of this package. . Original packages are from BigBoss, Cydia/Telesphoreo, ModMyi.com and Thireus repositories. Make sure your Cydia level is set to Hacker. . UPDATED: v1.7.1 (04/01/2017) - Removed: openssh, autossh, bigbosshackertools due to yalu iOS 10 jailbreak requirements (moved to Extra for iOS 5/6/7/8/9). UPDATED: v1.8.0 (09/09/2018) - Removed: netcat, whois, subversion, nmap, tcpdump, afpfs-ng, mdnsresponder, pstree, ngrep, ncftp, com.saurik.substrate.safemode, cycript, com.thireus.iodine due to electra iOS 11 jailbreak requirements (moved to Extra for iOS 5/6/7/8/9/10). UPDATED: v1.9.0 (29/09/2022) - Added: secure-delete.

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