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  • Identifier com.unlimapps.toneenabler
  • Added Date 14/10/2015 11:41
  • Updated Date 17/10/2015 20:40
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  • RepositoryUnlimApps
  • Author UnlimApps Inc.
  • SectionTweaks
  • Version 1.1r-13
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 28.32 Kb
  • Depends mobilesubstrate


In iOS 7.x/8.x apple uses a plist in order to load ringtones in settings instead of simply iterating through the /Library/Ringtones directory. This tweak enables the old behavior that was present before 7.x and reads the tones from the directory so tones that you download from cydia or UnlimTones will now show in settings.

Version History

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  • Download ToneEnabler version 1.1r-1317/10/2015 20:40
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 13dfdfbc678e6aea632300d6a0622cc1
    SHA1 f2e8c950500627f2e6e6995b0045d06383d52dd6
    SHA256 71a955875633fdd685da85098d9253b548aee093cb86b53c5cc9a191d02d072c
  • Download ToneEnabler version 1.1r-1417/10/2015 22:11
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 86e52f1b16019b7988bf1782237c183b
    SHA1 6d6fe852347caf672e0e4194e9441795c5bbffb4
    SHA256 132b10533cd4a47b86e8772b885dc697c30a594f30e9c655a525e8bd410793fb
  • Download ToneEnabler version 1.1r-1216/10/2015 21:31
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 0596a7a5bbc15f6095ee1983d86bc849
    SHA1 577c06e9338da1109ba351888630e30b16a89ed8
    SHA256 b1654672b7fb1deb97d0450694633d0c91c067621aeed12bf26ea0004cf6ae43
  • Download ToneEnabler version 1.1-614/10/2015 11:30
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 4c1138f6edf169f1a437f837ddf7323a
    SHA1 c08df84d9f297da1a037fcc94235b4c7eaf92a9f
    SHA256 6b667544822e2f895a0427c460edf6d5b44166b13f34f5493b1eabd7578b0dbf
  • Download ToneEnabler version 1.1r-1114/10/2015 11:41
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 f0d00456115eb09e3f64d5ba2ee35275
    SHA1 6bd68c3aebb18dc4e3477f033df3909e4088298d
    SHA256 cb4fffa699e3f0e1a0244a4699dc48e64305154731c437bd2015ce1f33c72b3a

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