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Enable ssh to localhost for appstore terminal clients such as Prompt 2 or Server Auditor.After installing a new ssh port 50022 will be activated, which should be used when using the Terminal client to log in. To connect through Prompt 2 or Server Auditor, enter the host address as and port as 50022.


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  • Download LocalSSH version 1.0-325/05/2019 15:38
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 a3002c47afd3a1757bb47727dc3c4e11
    SHA1 be3a4b085358b3bd343f044cd1f1c5487dfc3247
    SHA256 b3e6110e397923dcfdac6327928e4cf06fdbc00fbf1abfb2916db8bdc71f05dd

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