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  • Identifier com.yourepo.i0s-tweak3r-betas.lockscreensuite-rootlessjbs
  • Added Date 24/05/2023 23:31
  • Free package
  • 4.93/5 (29 votes)

  • RepositoryYouRepo
  • Author i0s_tweaker
  • SectionTweaks
  • Version 1.0.7-4
  • Architecture iOS Rootless
  • Size 75.00 Kb
  • Depends mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, firmware(>=14)
  • Compatibility iOS Rootless 14+



Options to customize lockscreen dateview, time, idle timer, slide or swipe to unlock text and more, built specifically for ROOTLESS JAILBREAKS. This build is for iOS 14-16.x. Rootful builds work on iOS 7-16.x if installed using iphoneos-arm arch and not the new rootless architecture.


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