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AsteriOS - the perfect theme for iOS AsteriOS comes with over 100 carefully detailed icons that provide a much more colourful, clean and simplistic look and feel. When designing this theme, I had 3 goals in mind for each icon:They had to be colourful, clean and detailed. I think I have achieved these goals for this theme. AsteriOS features a very thought out colour palette and vectors to ensure the gradients and glyphs are instantly recognisable. To create a theme of this standard requires a lot of care, creativity, craft and time. I put my greatest effort into every detail of this theme to ensure that you, the user, finds it worthy and enjoys it. AsteriOS is my greatest work yet and I'm glad you all can try it. For Free. Please follow me on Twitter for updates/icon requests. If you enjoy this theme, and support my work, please buy me a coffee by donating via PayPal! 'AsteriOS' is named after the hidden rebel base AsteriOS. Requires Anemone


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