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  • Identifier xyz.willy.zebralpha
  • Added Date 3:19 AM May 26, 2021
  • Updated Date 7:46 PM June 5, 2021
  • Free package
  • 4.97/5 (78 votes)

  • RepositoryZebra
  • Author Wilson Styres
  • SectionPackaging
  • Version 2.0~alpha3b
  • Architecture iOS
  • Size 10.03 Mb
  • Installed-Size 23708
  • Depends uikittools, firmware (>= 12.0), libapt-pkg6.0 (>= 2.3.0), xyz.willy.zebra (<= 1.1.99)
  • Compatibility iOS 12


A Useful Package Manager THIS IS AN ALPHA VERSION OF ZEBRA NOT MEANT TO BE USED AS YOUR ONLY PACKAGE MANAGER. DO NOT INSTALL IT IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH ANY ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE WHILE USING IT. . THIS VERSION OF ZEBRA IS CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE TO USERS WITH A PROCURSUS BOOTSTRAP. . Zebra is a package manager for jailbroken iOS devices. . It supports most modern iOS versions and provides most features that Cydia does, while being notably quicker. . If there are any issues you encounter, features you want to request, or anything else, please send me an email or file an issue on our GitHub and I'll quickly get back to you.

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  • Download Zebra (ALPHA) version 2.0~alpha3b7:46 PM June 5, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 12e2a06fe8a76cc9797cc8f509859f6e
    SHA1 209e8b8d161262e3521d9e40aa3aef5417b331f9
    SHA256 9aa398952a15de112417299abffcffd56e8b32a9be1d452bba30428bcbc13dd5
  • Download Zebra (ALPHA) version 2.0~alpha3a9:32 PM June 4, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 7f7a23e135088faad19f85a3586ad9ac
    SHA1 cf09e9a61455d4f9015ea6969e16862d5ec69235
    SHA256 21aee4d84b7e425ee341e1b7f021a39865c25b369542319455d33bcb76d8413a
  • Download Zebra (ALPHA) version 2.0~alpha2a7:22 PM May 31, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 db21bf75bb43601e08437cc2ed820091
    SHA1 6783d43ebce0a30830366e32227a6214cee9e3f8
    SHA256 644d0e42824f9ff8d06b1c7d83ac1b02695048f2583fa09bb3882d3ab9578253
  • Download Zebra (ALPHA) version 2.0~alpha1d12:50 AM May 27, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 d27560b748b022d0e9c9b98ea4df8047
    SHA1 83ecff02633a747dcb549a86fd24fd6fc7ba9740
    SHA256 5a7c69dc88e0f837d523407cb00f8dd070245aa82a23e4eda42f0fb1760ef3b5
  • Download Zebra (ALPHA) version 2.0~alpha1c10:41 PM May 26, 2021
    Architecture iOS
    MD5 b34ad428645126dfe741d5fff89c094f
    SHA1 295bfb9f4685e3b3a2d1e4a35c024c6eed67f0da
    SHA256 7c89b69073224356ebbfb3348db5f6fa151ff488de40eac98ca0ece273666a60
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